Oilfield Safety Could Suffer in Downturn

It’s no surprise that oilfield workers face many risks in their daily work. Texas, in particular, loses many oilfield workers every year to explosions and deadly accidents. Just recently, we lost 3 more workers in an explosion in Texas’s Permian Basin. These sad and unnecessary deaths are a reminder of one basic fact: because there are human lives involved, the industry needs to make the safety of its workers the number one priority. As companies are looking to cut costs during this market downturn, the importance of safety remains, and should not be viewed by companies as an area to “cut costs” in.

The Permian Basin

The Permian Basin is the biggest oil-producing region in the U.S. and, despite the downturn in the oil market, remains one of the most active drilling areas. The rigs in the Permian Basin encompass more than 33% of the U.S. total. A great number of Texas and New Mexico residents are working in these fields, and each year, the number of deaths on these rigs continue to add up. In the 10 year period between 2003 and 2013, there was a 31% increase in oilfield worker deaths. Now, with the industry announcing a $40 billion spending cut, one has to wonder if safety costs will be cut as well. Can the oil drilling companies really afford to cut costs if it means risking the safety of their workers?

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