Why Risk Product Liability Penalties?

Why are some companies so quick to sweep product liability concerns under the rug? Businesses that fail to realize they’re not exempt from the moral obligation of ensuring consumer safety will ultimately pay stiffer penalties – it’s simply a matter of time.

Most consumers would hardly be surprised to learn that companies weigh the possibility of issuing a recall on a dangerous product based on dollars and cents. Analysts will assess whether an injury or death associated with the product can be considered an isolated incident or something more lethal.

For many potentially defective products, there is a certain threshold it’s required to cross before action is taken to protect the public. For companies that ultimately decide to roll the dice, foregoing actions to protect consumers in favor of their bottom line, they run the risk of irreparably damaging their reputation.

The stigma that comes with endangering consumer lives is difficult to come back from, something that has ultimately forced many businesses to close their doors altogether. How is it that businesses with inside knowledge of potentially hazardous products are learning nothing from national scandals?

Consider this: as the owner of a company, would you rather face some bad press regarding a hazardous product or face a class action lawsuit from consumers who were injured by your product? While the answer might seem obvious, plenty of companies are too shortsighted to see how they might be affected by greatest consequences of their neglect.

Business owners aren’t always as concerned about public safety as they are maintaining profits. Where businesses fail to do the right thing, our product liability attorneys can help. If you believe you’ve suffered from a defective product that’s caused serious injury or death, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll represent you in a legal setting and seek the compensation to which you’re entitled.