Texas Ignition Interlock Law Aims to Prevent Drunk Driving Tragedies

The horrifying, life-changing experience of being hit by a drunk driver is something that can occur anytime, anywhere, to anyone. When someone makes the decision to drive after drinking alcohol, they take their own life and other’s lives into their shaky hands. The results can be tragic for the innocent, unsuspecting victim and their passengers. “When you see families bury loved ones, it’s devastating beyond my belief,” says Ben Smith, a spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Texas is number one in the country for drunk driving crash fatalities. In 2014, 1,041 people died in drunk driving collisions in our state. In light of these numbers, MADD has stated a new goal: No More Victims. And now, with a new law requiring ignition interlock devices for 1st time DWI offenses, the goal has a real chance at becoming reality.

The new law, House Bill 2246, requires 1st time DWI offenders to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle, rather than simply have their license suspended. Offenders will be responsible for all costs. The law is set to go into effect beginning September 1 of this year.

MADD officials are pleased with this law; they claim that license suspension alone is not always enough to keep an offender from driving drunk again. This new law will help offenders carry on with their daily lives, while protecting the public from the possibility of the offender repeating the offense and endangering themselves and others.

Hopefully HB 2246 will make a significant dent in the number of drunk driving accidents and fatalities here in Texas.

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