Contractor Horror Stories

When it comes to hiring contractors to do work on a home, there are all types of horror stories out there. There is the contractor who requires a large deposit before beginning the work, and then disappears and never completes (or even starts) the agreed upon work. There are stories of contractors who bid way below other quoted estimates, and then live up to their rock bottom pricing. Some contractors prefer to give verbal estimates and have a “verbal contract;” this almost never ends well for the homeowner. There are contractors out there that install faulty or substandard units or parts. And there are horror stories of run-ins with unlicensed contractors. So when it is time to hire a contractor, what is a homeowner to do?

Although doing thorough research can be extremely time consuming, it is definitely worth it when it comes to hiring a contractor. You don’t necessarily want to just hire a contractor who has done work for a friend- it is still important to research the contractor to ensure they are licensed. It is also wise to see if the contractor has any complaints against them. Ask to see previous work, and speak to former clients about how the process went. Make sure the contractor has insurance. An uninsured contractor that gets hurt or ruins something on your property can cost you a lot of money. Get all estimates and contracts in writing, clearly stating amounts and types of materials and products that will be used, and start and estimated end dates. If anything changes along the way, get that in writing too. And be wary of any contractor that gives you an estimate that is way below other estimates you’ve received. This, as well as a contractor that demands a large deposit upfront, should be a red flag.

Yes, the research will take a while, and may feel like a hassle, but the peace of mind you feel when you hire the right contractor will make your home improvement project a breeze. Just think of all the time and money you will lose if you hire a lousy contractor. And if you HAVE had a bad experience with a contractor in the Houston, Texas area, contact our Houston construction defect lawyers at The Freeman Law Firm today to see if you have a case.

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