6 Houston Construction Workers Injured in Scaffolding Collapse

Construction workers face danger daily in their jobs. Recently, in downtown Houston, 6 construction workers were significantly injured when a large amount of scaffolding on a seven-story building they were working on collapsed on them, trapping them underneath. Witnesses and first responders pulled the workers from the rubble, and the workers were taken to the hospital. There were about 200 construction workers at the site when the scaffolding collapsed, and there was concern that more people may have been trapped under the metal, but all workers were accounted for. After the collapse, firefighters were keeping onlookers as far back from the scene as possible, as Houston Fire Department Captain Ruy Lozano warned that a secondary collapse was highly likely to occur.

Especially in a dangerous field like construction, injuries and death due to accidents are common. Some of these accidents are not necessarily preventable, but many of them are. Sometimes work site injuries occur because of improper planning, unsafe equipment, inaccurate installation, or lack of safety training and monitoring. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed on the job, whether it is construction work, oil refinery work, or any other field, contact a work-site injury attorney today. You may have a basis for financial recovery through a personal injury lawsuit. If you are in the Houston area, contact The Freeman Law Firm, P.C. today.

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