What Can I Get Restitution for if I’m Involved in an 18-Wheeler Accident

18-Wheeler accidents are much worse than accidents involving to cars. Semi trucks can weigh up to 10,000 pounds, making it unlikely for a normal car to stand a chance in an accident with one. These accidents can sometimes be catastrophic so it is important to understand who’s liable when these accidents occur and what you can be compensated for if you’re even involved in one.

Responsibility for operating an 18-wheeler

trucking injury lawsuitBecause accidents involving semi-trucks are much more serious than in personal vehicles, the industry is highly regulated by state and federal laws. In semi-truck accidents, as many as nine different parties may be responsible and can involve several insurance companies. Below is the standard of quality drivers and companies is required to maintain:

  • Drivers must go through tests that involve special driving skills and advanced knowledge of driving laws and safety procedures to obtain a commercial drivers license.
  • Federal and state regulations are set in order to make sure the vehicles are built, maintained and repaired safely.
  • Vehicle drivers are required to always get proper rest and keep a log of their driving and rest schedules. Their driving hours are strictly regulated.

When a truck driver or company is liable

If you are injured by a semi-truck accident you must prove that the responsible party is responsible. The following are reasons the driver or company can be held liable:

  • If the driver broke the law or operated the vehicle illegally.
  • If the truck company hired a negligent driver.
  • If there was a manufacturing defect in the truck.
  • If the truck was repaired improperly.
  • If the truck was inadequately maintained.

Restitution for damages in a semi-truck accident

If the company or driver is proven liable for the accident, there are a number of things you may receive restitution for:

  • You can receive compensation for hospital bills, doctors, ambulance fees, rehabilitation and home care services.
  • You can receive lost pay due to work absence and any loss of future earning capacity.
  • You can receive compensation for any physical or mental distress caused by the accident.
  • You can receive compensation for the loss of a loved one in the accident
  • You may also receive compensation for special damages: A category for any monetary losses of an unusual nature.