Tips for Driving Behind or Around Semi Trucks

Driving safely around semi trucks can be a daunting task. These trucks are massive and can carry loads that weigh over 100,000 pounds at a time. Of accidents involving normal vehicles and semi trucks, over 72 percent of those accidents are caused by the normal vehicle. Understanding how to drive behind and around large trucks can help you prevent one of those life threatening accidents.

Avoiding semi truck accidents in Texas

woman driving next to a semi truck safelyAlways give semi trucks a lot of room when driving on the road with them. It can be frustrating driving behind them, but with all the potential problems they can have, its always better to be safe than sorry. Below are the reasons you should always maintain an appropriate distance when sharing the road with an 18-wheeler.

  • Tire blowouts are common. These trucks can carry over 100,000 pounds, and this adds tons of stress to their tires. You don’t want to get caught next to a semi truck when a tire blows and the truck starts swerving on the road.
  • Trucks are easily blown around the road. Trucks cover a very large surface area, making them like sails of a boat and making them difficult to control in windy situations. Semi trucks can unexpectedly swerve into your lane.
  • They have four huge blind spots. Avoid following too close to trucks and driving beside them. When passing try to get around them quickly.

Passing an 18-wheeler safely

There are proper ways to pass a semi truck. When passing, try to do so as quickly as possible and hug the outside of the lane. You should also always pass on the left side because the right is full of blind spots, making it very difficult for the driver to even see you. Once you’ve passed the truck, don’t cut right in front of them. Give them extra distance as it takes them much longer than normal vehicles to come to a complete stop.