Tips for Driving Semi Trucks in the Heat

As summer temperatures continue to go up, the heat often creates problems for semi truck drivers. The summer can be a tough season for both the driver and the truck, so it is important to be aware of the problems heat creates and how to prevent it from causing accidents.

How to beat the heat while driving a semi truck or 18- wheeler in the summer

Protect yourself from the sun
It’s very common for a lot of sun to come through the truck on the driver’s side window, and too much of this sun can can with serious risk to the driver. To protect yourself from these dangerous rays, try using a sun sleeve, sunscreen, window covers or just wearing long sleeves.

clouds-429228_640Watch out for all the extra drivers
Summer months also come along with tons of family vacations. People take more time off in the summer season than any other, and with this comes more crowded highways. For truck drivers, this makes the roads much more dangerous. Stay extra alert while driving in the summer and look out for everyone.

Stay hydrated
When the temperatures are as hot as they are, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water every day. Make sure to always have a lot of water available in your truck, especially if something happens to your truck and you end up having to wait outside in the heat. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

Check the brakes
Hot temperatures can lead to brake fading and loss of friction when brake components can’t absorb any additional heat. Always make sure to check your brakes to ensure they’re always working properly.

Be aware of all weather conditions
Summer often brings some of the most severe storms all year, and they usually roll in quickly. Be aware of what weather may be up ahead and know how to drive in it safely.