Helicopter Accidents in History

Helicopters have been through some of the worst and most numerous aviation accidents in history. Luckily, helicopter manufacturers and operators today work extremely hard to ensure the safety of helicopter flights and the implementation of safety into the design continues to lessen the amount of tragic helicopter accidents.

The history of helicopter accidents

action-21892_640Helicopters first began to take flight in the 1940’s. With this new and advance technology of course came mistakes and many accidents. Up until the 1960’s the most common cause of helicopter accidents was because of the aircraft mechanics and engine failure. Flying a helicopter in its early stages was a new concept and it required different maintenance than airplanes.

As engineers worked to improve the mechanics of helicopters to ensure safe flights, helicopters began to be designed with more efficient materials to improve aerodynamics.

After the 1960’s, three helicopter elements were improved upon to lessen their accident rates:

  • Fail-proof helicopter design
  • Backup system in the event of a design or mechanical failure
  • Prevent fatal injuries for all occupants in the aircraft

Helicopter accidents today

Today, helicopters must be safe and reliable as they are used in a number of areas including travel for the military, private transportation, the news industry, air ambulance and emergency services. Unfortunately, helicopter accidents happen far too often. Currently, human error and poor judgment is the main cause of these accidents.

International statistics show that over 35 percent of the helicopter accidents occur in the U.S. alone. For every 100,000 miles traveled in flight, a helicopter has a 40 percent greater likelihood of an accident than your average aircraft used for passengers and cargo.

If you’ve lost a loved one because of a helicopter accident, speak to one of our lawyers about making it right.