How to Avoid Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are complex machines, but preventing accidents can be fairly simple. The International Helicopter Safety Team found that helicopter accidents and injuries can be prevented by improving four factors: equipment, training, safety management and maintenance.

Preventing Helicopter Accidents

Update Equipment 

One great way to avoid helicopter accidents is to install a cockpit recording device. Recording equipment can help provide immediate feedback to trainers, operators and flight crew. It can also aid in the event of an accident in order to help in an investigation and to help come up with future safety recommendations.

Proper Training

Training is extremely important to a helicopter operator. Not only should operators be trained in the basics of operating a helicopter, but they should also be trained on all situations they might encounter while flying. Implementing things like advanced maneuvers to simulators, autorotation training, critical awareness training, enhanced aircraft performance and limitations training, and strengthening emergency procedures can help a pilot be prepared in the event of an emergency or dangerous situation in the helicopter.

Safety Management

Establish a mission specific risk program that requires training for specific missions and also enforces standard operating procedures, provisions and training of personnel to use risk assessment tools, and most importantly to ensure that all personnel put safety first.


It is important for helicopter operators to be aware of and comply with all of the manufacturer’s maintenance manuals and procedures. For the safest flying, operators should be encouraged to implement a robust Quality Assurance program that ensures the use of manufacturers maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and procedures.

Helicopter accidents happen far too often. Extra precautions should always be taken in effort to prevent accidents and injuries. Continuing to add extra safety measures to training, equipment, management and maintenance can help lower the number of accidents that occur each year.