Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were nearly 3400 people killed in fatal auto crashes in the state of Texas in 2007. Of these fatalities, nearly ten percent were the result of accidents involving “large trucks”, as defined by the NHTSA. Although some auto accidents are the result… read more

Fire Is Out At California Refinery

A fire at the Torrence Refining Co. has nearby residents on edge as local firefighters begin to investigate the incident. Three dozen firefighters responded to the call on Saturday morning after reports of an oil refinery explosion. According to officials, they were able to extinguish the blaze in 30 minutes. The fire and possible explosion are a… read more

Planned Texas Refinery Hits Environmental Bumps

Webb County Judge, Tano Tijerina has withdrawn his support for a proposed new oil refinery near Hebbronville due to environmental concerns. Tijerina originally supported the project but has since changed his mind after spending over a year with more questions than answers about the project. The oil company, Raven Petroleum, is the company seeking permission to build a… read more

Fatal Semi Truck Accident

Many accidents happen along the highways of Texas, and far too often they involve semi-trucks. These large vehicles leave the others involved with little chance of getting out injury free. Some of them carry hazardous materials making it even more dangerous for those involved. Recent Semi-Truck Accidents In Texas Last week, a fatal semi-truck accident… read more

Offshore Drilling Regulations

Offshore drilling can have detrimental effects on the environment. As a result of the horrific Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, along with many other oil spills in the U.S.’s history, new rules and regulations on offshore oil and gas drilling have been issued in an attempt to make the practice safer. New Offshore Drilling… read more

Texas Couple Killed In Helicopter Accident

Unfortunately, helicopters crash far too often. Many reasons are unknown until an official investigation is completed. Passengers involved in a deadly helicopter accident that occurred last week over Lake Wallace have been identified as a Center, Texas couple. The aircraft was reportedly headed for Center, Texas when it ended up in the south side of Wallace Lake in… read more

Texas Semi-Truck Laws

Commercial semi-truck drivers are subject to a number of specific laws and regulations. Because semi-truck drivers must drive huge trucks that can cause serious accidents, some states enact extra laws for drivers to follow. In Texas there are several laws placed on commercial drivers in order to keep roads and highways safer. Not following these… read more

Weather Conditions that Cause Helicopter Accidents

Weather can have a major impact on how a helicopter handles its flight. Bad weather conditions can jeopardize the safety of a helicopter, so it’s important for pilots to be aware of the conditions that can make flying dangerous. A safe flight requires good weather conditions, but weather can change quickly, so it is also important… read more