Construction Defect Disputes

Types of Construction Accidents

Working in construction is one of the most dangerous common jobs in the United States. Construction companies go to great lengths to keep their team members healthy and safe by adhering to OSHA regulations of safety. Unfortunately, construction accidents occur on a daily basis on job sites across the country. It is important to know… read more

Texas Contractor and Travelers Insurance to Mediate Suit

Earlier this month Centex Homes, a Texas Homebuilder, and Traveler’s Insurance group began moving towards mediating their dispute over whether a Travelers policy allows the insurer (Travelers) to choose the defense counsel in a construction defect suit. Moving towards a resolution Travelers and Centex Homes have agreed to a mediation session sometime before July 26th… read more

Contractor Horror Stories

When it comes to hiring contractors to do work on a home, there are all types of horror stories out there. There is the contractor who requires a large deposit before beginning the work, and then disappears and never completes (or even starts) the agreed upon work. There are stories of contractors who bid way… read more

California Moves on Construction Companies to Disclose Defect Convictions and Settlements

Lawmakers in California are pushing a proposal that would require construction companies to reveal the results of criminal convictions and civil suits in cases of construction defects, fraud, negligence, and incompetence. This was driven in part by an incident that recently took place in Berkeley where six college students were killed, and 7 others were… read more

What are Construction Defects?

When building a home, contractors are required to comply with building codes and to construct the home in a manner that shows due diligence and reasonable care. Sometimes, when a home has been poorly constructed, the homeowner is left wondering if they have a legal case or if they just have bad luck. You do… read more