Driving Safety

How To Avoid Semi Truck Collisions

Large 18-Wheelers seem to be everywhere on today’s highways. Unfortunately, they are an essential part of today’s society. Instead of trying to avoid them all together, learning how to drive near them can help you drive safer. This article provides tips and rules of the road that may prevent an accident one day. Driving Safely Near Semi… read more

Semi Truck Accident Risk Factors

Driving a semi truck always presents a bigger risk than a non-commercial vehicle because they are so large and heavy. Truck drivers not only need to be aware of the dangers their large vehicles present, but other drivers need to be cautious of the risks they present as well. Even the smallest of driving errors… read more

What Different Weather Conditions Does to Semi Truck Driving

Dangerous weather conditions are one of the most common causes of trucking accidents. Weather can affect the handling of the truck as well as the driver. Because of this, truck drivers are required by law to use extra caution while driving in dangerous weather. This article explains the weather conditions that can affect a semi… read more