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How Are Helicopters Being Made Safer?

Helicopters tend to have a bad reputation. With so many uses for helicopters today, ranging from filming, tourists attractions and quick transportation, it’s important that they gradually become safer all the time. You shouldn’t feel like you’re risking your life just to get a tour of the Grand Canyon. So exactly how safe are helicopters? Should… read more

How to Avoid Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are complex machines, but preventing accidents can be fairly simple. The International Helicopter Safety Team found that helicopter accidents and injuries can be prevented by improving four factors: equipment, training, safety management and maintenance. Preventing Helicopter Accidents Update Equipment  One great way to avoid helicopter accidents is to install a cockpit recording device. Recording equipment can… read more

Semi Truck Accident Risk Factors

Driving a semi truck always presents a bigger risk than a non-commercial vehicle because they are so large and heavy. Truck drivers not only need to be aware of the dangers their large vehicles present, but other drivers need to be cautious of the risks they present as well. Even the smallest of driving errors… read more