Work Site Injury

Oil Rig Dangers

Working on an oil rig is one of the most dangerous jobs, and workers are exposed to a number of hazards every day. Oil rig workers face hazards from basic structural and environmental hazards to those associated with the chemicals they use to do their jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that working on… read more

Most Common Deadly Types of Oil Rig Accidents

Offshore oil extraction is an extremely dangerous job. Workers are constantly exposed to hazardous conditions such as harsh weather, heavy machinery and flammable materials which often result in offshore accidents and lead to serious injuries for the workers involved. Understanding the dangers of offshore work, as well as the most common causes of oil rig… read more

Respiratory Protection When Working with Gas

What is respiratory protection? Respiratory protection comes in the form of a protective device that covers the nose and mouth or the entire face that protects people from inhaling hazardous gases. They may also have air-purifying elements that eliminate contaminates from the air or supply the wearer with clean air. When do employees need respiratory… read more

Types of Construction Accidents

Working in construction is one of the most dangerous common jobs in the United States. Construction companies go to great lengths to keep their team members healthy and safe by adhering to OSHA regulations of safety. Unfortunately, construction accidents occur on a daily basis on job sites across the country. It is important to know… read more

6 Houston Construction Workers Injured in Scaffolding Collapse

Construction workers face danger daily in their jobs. Recently, in downtown Houston, 6 construction workers were significantly injured when a large amount of scaffolding on a seven-story building they were working on collapsed on them, trapping them underneath. Witnesses and first responders pulled the workers from the rubble, and the workers were taken to the… read more

Oilfield Safety Could Suffer in Downturn

It’s no surprise that oilfield workers face many risks in their daily work. Texas, in particular, loses many oilfield workers every year to explosions and deadly accidents. Just recently, we lost 3 more workers in an explosion in Texas’s Permian Basin. These sad and unnecessary deaths are a reminder of one basic fact: because there… read more