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Our attorneys represent consumers and investors who have become victims of investment fraud and other deceptive trade practices. We have successfully prosecuted fraud cases for decades and have a reputation as tough yet fair lawyers who stand up for the rights of defrauded individuals.

Fraudulent Gold Coins

As the price of gold has steadily risen, a large number of unscrupulous individuals have emerged who are selling gold coins at prices far beyond their actual numismatic value. A coin’s numismatic value is its collector value. For example, a coin may have a $20 face value, but a collector would pay much more for it because of its rarity or low circulation.

Our experienced Houston investment fraud lawyers passionately pursue cases against those who defraud members of the Houston community. If a seller of a coin refuses to refund the excess money he or she received in the transaction, our firm will file a legal claim for fraud and deceptive trade practices. The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act gives protection to consumers who have been exploited by this type of business practice.

How The Freeman Law Firm Can Help

We prepare every case as though it were going to trial. By thoroughly preparing and planning for trial, we show opposing parties that we are serious about protecting our clients’ rights. In investment fraud cases and many other legal disputes, this approach leads to a favorable settlement without trial. If the case does not settle, you can be confident knowing that you have hired a firm with a recognized track record of courtroom success.

At The Freeman Law Firm, P.C., you will find a team of lawyers capable of handling any investment fraud issue you have. With nearly a century of combined experience, our attorneys have handled a variety of fraud-related claims, including helping people who were taken advantage of by developers in land development deals and people with claims related to oil and gas litigation.

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