Client Testimonials

“An attorney we knew located the Freeman Law Firm for us, as we didn’t know who to contact to help with our situation.  The first time I talked to them on the phone, I felt assured that we were going to get the professional help we were seeking.  But it wasn’t until we finally had our first meeting at their office that I really knew they were there for us and had our best interest at heart.   You could tell they were professionals.  They knew what they were talking about and in a way, seemed like they felt our pain.  They have never ceased to talk to us when we would call or to email when we needed information.  They were always there for us from beginning to end and because of that effort, made a difficult situation a little easier to deal with.  I’ve told them I would always be grateful to them for everything they did for us and that I didn’t know if things would have turned out this good without them.  I highly recommend them.”

Sandy | Past Client

“My husband and I are very grateful to have been represented by Ernest Freeman pertaining to construction defects by a Home Builder. Due to extreme time constraints, Ernest was very responsive and quick to take appropriate action. It was very reassuring to know that not only did we have a competent team working for us, but also caring and humane ones, that took our case with the utmost importance and sense of urgency. Throughout the entire process, Ernest and the entire team exhibited extraordinary determination, resourcefulness and legal acumen. The case ended up in our favor thanks to this firm’s diligence and excellence. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Anonymous | Past Client

“The Freeman Law Firm helped me out of a horrible situation with a general contractor. Their knowledge of construction law and expertise in dealing with insurance company was excellent. They truly went above and beyond to explain the legal process and help me every step of the way.”

Anonymous | Past Client