Houston Toxic Mold Lawyer

Our experienced attorneys represent homeowners who suffer property damage from mold growth in newly constructed residences.  The Houston toxic mold attorneys at the Freeman Law Firm have the knowledge and skills to hold builders accountable.

Negligence in new home construction and remodeling can produce environmental conditions conducive to mold growth.  Because certain molds are harmful to humans, it is imperative to obtain the right inspections to identify the nature and extent mold infestation, as well as the underlying cause of your moisture intrusion. Failure to identify mold infestation can be very dangerous, contact a Houston toxic mold attorney today for more information.

Where Does Mold Occur?

Mold takes hold in damp places with poor ventilation, near leaks in roofs, doors, windows, pipes, or sweating HVAC systems. It grows in many common building materials, including in wood and wood products, dry wall, paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, fabrics, carpets, and upholstery, as well as in insulation and on painted surfaces. When mold grows on building materials and behind walls, removal is often difficult and costly.

Mold in New Construction

Where once mold growth was considered to be primarily a problem in older homes, in recent years it has been occurring more frequently in new construction. It is the responsibility of the builder to ensure that materials are kept dry during the construction process, and that the roof, siding, windows, doors, walls, and foundation are properly built to exclude water that can encourage mold growth.

When you build a high end custom home, you have the right to expect a high quality of workmanship that will keep dampness out and preclude the growth of mold. And you should never have to add the high cost of mold remediation to the high cost of your newer home, or subject your family to the potential health problems that mold can cause.

Get Professional Help If You Suspect Mold Infestation

If you are experiencing problems with mold growing in a home that you have built or purchased new from a developer in the Houston, Texas, area, you will find the experienced legal representation you need by contacting the law offices of attorney Ernest Freeman.

Mold may be easy to spot, or it may be hidden. If you and your family are suffering from respiratory, gastrointestinal, or other otherwise unexplained symptoms, you may need to have a professional mold inspection. If mold is discovered in a newly constructed home within the first few years, you should determine the source and notify the builder, who should repair the underlying problem and cover the cost of mold remediation.

If you have done so but have not received satisfaction from the builder, you may need to hire an experienced toxic mold attorney to represent you in negotiations with the builder, or if necessary, take your case to arbitration or mediation. In some cases, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit and try the case in court, so choose an attorney with plenty of trial experience.

Contact a Houston Toxic Mold Lawyer

The attorneys of The Freeman Law Firm collectively have more than a hundred years of legal experience and an extremely high record of success in compelling builders to repair construction defects, water intrusion, and mold, in addition to winning monetary damages for their clients when the defect has caused significant inconvenience or diminished the value of their home investment.

Please note, at this time we only represent homeowners with property damage resulting from mold growth in newly constructed or remodeled residences; we do not represent renters or parties solely pursuing a personal injury claim for mold exposure.