Houston Water Intrusion Claims Lawyer

Your home is a haven from the weather and a shelter from the storm. At least it should be. A well-built home is snug and dry, leaving the rain and elements outside. When a home is so poorly constructed that water leaks into places where it doesn’t belong, your problems are just beginning. If water intrusion is not remedied immediately, you can end up with toxic mold and the health problems it causes, along with structural damage, including rotten wood, stained walls and ceilings, warped floors, and electrical problems. A deteriorating structure can seriously reduce the value of your investment in your home. Water intrusion is a serious problem that can turn your dream home into your worst nightmare.

Why Does a Newly Constructed Home Suffer from Water Intrusion?

So how does this happen? If your builder has cut corners in order to enhance profits or meet a particular time schedule, has used sub-standard building materials, or has used untrained workers without proper supervision, construction defects, including water intrusion, are likely to occur. If you see water inside your home where it doesn’t belong, smell a musty odor that could indicate mold or rotting wood, or notice staining of walls or ceilings, something is wrong, and it needs to be corrected before the value of your investment in your home declines precipitously—and your health along with it. Your high-end custom-built luxury home can turn into a source of constant stress as its structure continues to deteriorate and your investment loses value by the day.

Construction Defects that Cause Water Intrusion

These are some of the areas in which shoddy construction can result in water damage in your home:

  • Improper installation of exterior cladding, whether stucco, stone, stone or brick veneer, concrete, vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding
  • Construction defects in the roofing system, whether shingle, tile, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer membrane (EDPM)
  • Defective, lacking, or improperly installed gutters and downspouts
  • Improper installation of windows and doors, defectively manufactured windows and doors, or windows and doors that are not appropriate for the climate
  • Cracks in walls or foundation
  • Improper slope or grading of the building lot causing water to accumulate in a basement or crawl space

Get the Legal Help You Need

Builders in Texas are required to meet standards set forth in state and local building codes and to deliver a new home without major construction defects—including those that allow water to enter and damage the structure, endangering the value of your investment and the health of your family. A reputable builder will immediately correct these serious problems if they occur. But unfortunately, once the initial construction is complete, it may be difficult to get a builder or contractor who has already been paid to return to redo a poor job.

If you have experienced a problem with water intrusion in your recently built home and have reported the problem to the builder without results, it may be time to engage the services of an experienced construction defect lawyer to represent you in negotiations with the builder, or if necessary, in a legal proceeding such as arbitration, mediation, or trial. Don’t wait until the problem becomes worse. Call The Freeman Law Firm for the help you need today.