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Every business owner should have an attorney they can rely on for solid legal advice and counsel. Businesses throughout the state of Texas can find quality legal representation at The Freeman Law Firm.

Type of Business Disputes

Based in Houston, Texas, our firm represents business owners in a wide range of disputes, including:

How The Freeman Law Firm Can Help

If you are involved in a legal dispute of any kind, the courtroom is the last place you want to be. Taking a case to trial is stressful, expensive and uncertain.

Certainly, you want an attorney with the sufficient skill and experience to protect your rights if trial becomes a necessity. But before trial becomes necessary, you want your attorney to seek an effective resolution to your legal dispute that is prudent, proactive and cost-conscious.

Our firm has been built on the delivery of quality legal representation. Building trust through quality service and delivered results, our firm has been able to thrive and prosper. In each case we handle, we ask one simple question:  How can we best serve the needs of our client?

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